About Us

A Nonprofit Animal Rescue Located in Maricopa County, AZ

2nd Chances Healing Hope was founded in 2020 to help the lost, misplaced, and abused animals throughout the United States and Canada who are in desperate need of rescue. These animals often lack the basic necessities of life, often suffering from a lack of shelter, food, medical care, and companionship.

At 2nd Chances Healing Hope, we give these animals a second chance at life by providing food, water, shelter, veterinary care, and specialized training for cats, dogs, horses, and other types of animals in need of assistance.

How We Handle Donations

While 2nd Chances Healing Hope does accept donations from private individuals, we primarily work with larger companies and commercial enterprises who want to donate unused, outdated, or excess inventory to our nonprofit organization.

In the past, we’ve accepted donations of just about anything, from old furniture and vehicles to various consignment products and pet supplies. Unless the donations can be used to benefit animals directly under our care, the donated inventory is typically resold and the proceeds are used to fund everything from medical care and food to shelter and training for the animals. Please consider making a difference in the life of an animal that deserves a second chance and donate to our cause today!

Make a Difference Today

We sincerely appreciate your generosity if you’re ready to make a financial contribution or donate excess inventory to our cause – and of course, our animals appreciate you, too!